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Immunity: Creates a robust immune system

Health: Alleviates most common health issues

New: Science has updated older ineffective methods

Safe: Proven to have no side effects

Fast: Gets to work instantly

Perfected by Science Proven by Testing

Silver defense is a unique treatment that takes effect upon contact. It kills 99% of pathogens the instant it touches them, making it the fastest treatment ever seen.

It doesn't matter if it is bacteria, mold, fungus, or any other pathogen; Silver Defense eliminates them all on contact!

The secret that makes Silver Defense so effective is "Structured Silver." It bonds nanoparticles of silver to structured water, which makes it instantly available to your body.

You may be asking yourself, why is that true? Well, the answer is simple; that's how our bodies work already!

Structured water is a molecular arrangement that exists when water is near hydrophilic (water-loving) surfaces. Most of the water in our bodies is already structured, as your bodily tissues are hydrophilic.

Silver Defense works so effectively and so fast because it uses our body's existing molecular arrangements to deliver the immune-boosting silver particles instantly!

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Silver Defense Hand Sanitizer

Protect yourself from illness and viruses like the pandemic that is ravaging the world right now. Stay clean and stay safe with Silver Defense! Structured silver and 70% alcohol wipe out any pathogen your hands come in contact throughout your day.

Silver Defense Viral Lip Balm

Keep your lips kissable soft and protected from viruses like cold sores! If you
already have a cold sore, use Silver Defense Viral Lip Balm to make it disappear fast!
Our customers love the Vanilla Mist flavor the best!

Silver Defense Probiotic

If you have taken any antibiotics prescribed by your doctor, then your level of helpful flora in your gut has been wiped out. Repopulate your intestinal flora with our beneficial Probiotic and start feeling better today!c


Silver defense has infused all our products with our revolutionary structured silver formula, which eliminates pathogens the instant it comes in contact with them. Our structured silver products will make all those harmful pathogens disappear for good!

We have the perfect package for you, whether you want to help only yourself, your better half, your family, or all your family and friends!